The overview on technical and product innovations is in the table following the title. There it is possible to buy a desired innovation in three steps ("Overview", "Detailed Description" and "All Rights") through a simple click and thus the prospective customer can reduce it's risk through little effort.

This solution offers to both parts (investor and inventor) advantages. Here something about that and the nascence of this site:


Clearly bound to my life - experience, some questions built up in my mind:


Why should innovation be national, why bound to a language or country?

Isn't it that every real valuable innovation passes all kind of limits like: geographical, borders, even time?

In our trial to make life easier and nicer, aren't we all together?

I'm very convinced that everybody has the right to an anyway unavoidable egoism, seen personal and for communities, like nations. But this egoism can be chosen in a way to be an advantage (or at least acceptable) for all the other egoistic human interests on earth, which are good willing and do not attack or damage others. Isn't it? Good business is the perfect example, I believe

A good way to live ones own egoism and to be undoubtful an advantage for the society is innovation, but it is not easy to transform it in a real advantage for all sides

On my way to make product ideas and technical innovations, which I was convinced to be an advantage for the later user, in real objects and money, I found a lot of difficulties like:

protecting the idea / innovation (patent, trademark, industrial property right). A product idea without technical innovation is almost not possible to protect

search for partners

search for money (capital investment) or prospective buyers

protection from egoism and hatred of other society members which are not good willing


The way from having useful ideas to making them useful is generally hard and long. When reasons occur to change the country we are living in, should this make all these trials or their start impossible?

Can useful innovation happen today just from experts in an environment where it was planed and expected and where it can easily be exploited? How many good solutions are lost with this restriction?

Shouldn't the financial return expected from a solution be taken mostly by those, contributing to its implementation? Avoiding national limits grows chances for implementation, lifts number of potential users and reduces the time to availability, isn't it?

Gathering ideas from everyone gives a good view on the market, the actual demand. Especially it shows, where a need for a solution is seen, giving also a solution. Therefore the market chances for innovation happening outside of research centers are better than many investors or potential buyers estimate. Doesn't this worth to think about it?


Starting from this thoughts and considering possibilities, I had the idea to create an Internet platform where generally everyone can present in a first instance anonymous his / her product idea or innovation without having to face the above mentioned difficulties and risks. This due to the special relationship: owner of the idea (solution) Internet platform investor or prospective customer.


The investors risk is reduced due to a first check of the innovation from the platform owner. The customers risk is reduced even more through the possibility to buy information and rights about an idea / innovation in three steps. This way makes possible to reduce the risk with little effort.



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